Partner of a law firm which was already in existence in 1873, I specialise in:

. intellectual property law (trademark law, domain names, patents, designs, copyright, unfair competition, right to name; computer and IT law; manufacturing and commercial secrets)

. technology transfer

. law of obligations

. contract law (licence, assignment, publishing, franchise, agency, distribution, know-how, non-competition covenants)

. commercial law.

I advise Swiss and international clients, including both natural persons and legal entities (drawing up agreements and legal opinions), and represent them before the courts.

A member of numerous associations specialising in intellectual property (INTA, AIPPI, ECTA, MARQUES, EPLAW, LES, AROPI, CEDIDAC, INGRES, APRAM), I am also an examiner on the Swiss Federal Patent Attorney Examination Board.

I am a regular speaker at seminars on intellectual property law. I am fluent in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish and work in these languages.

Besides, I lecture Information law at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland in Geneva.

Thanks to my background and his extensive experience in IP, I have earned recommendations on the part of several international and European guides (World Trademark Review, Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars, Chambers & Partners).


Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch, Englisch, Spanisch



Chambers and Partners 2017 - Intellectual Property Switzerland 01.01.2017
Laurent Muhlstein of Junod, Muhlstein, Lévy & Puder maintains a strong reputation among his peers. He has a broad IP practice covering the areas of trade marks, patents and copyrights.
World Trademark Review 2017 - Firms: enforcement and litigation 01.01.2017
Full-service Junod Muhlstein Lévy & Puder is home to a tight-knit father and son IP team who together provide a full-bore trademark service. Its “excellent quality, great efficiency and wealth of specialist knowledge (the best in the country)” impress clients, who also appreciate the business-minded counsel they receive. “The firm’s legal advice goes hand in hand with an explanation of why its guidance makes sense from a commercial point of view and they make sure the client understands why a course of action should be taken.” The revered Michel Muhlstein has been a thought leader in the field since the 1970s. Son Laurent Muhlstein is “one of the very best IP specialists in the profession, despite his youth”; his sparkling communication skills are underpinned by fluency in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.
Chambers and Partners 2016 - Intellectual Property Switzerland 01.01.2016
Laurent Muhlstein of Junod, Muhlstein, Lévy & Puder receives commendations from interviewees for his activity in trade mark law, as part of a practice also covering patents, copyright, domain names and designs. Sources describe him as "a brilliant person," and "one of the very good young lawyers in the French-speaking area".
World Trademark Review 2016 - Firms: enforcement and litigation 01.01.2016
An enthusiastic exponent of the small-is-beautiful principle, the compact team at Junod Muhlstein Lévy & Puder delivers customised client service at a sensitive price point. It has established itself as a serious contender in the luxury-goods sector; while the multi-linguistic talent based in its Geneva office makes it an attractive option for foreign companies. “IP guru” Michel Muhlstein has been a leading light in the sphere for decades. Following in his father’s footsteps, the “really smart” and “pragmatic” Laurent Muhlstein has become “very visible” on the market: “His counsel is never too academic or too complicated; he’s someone you can speak to. I would go to him without hesitation.”
Chambers and Partners 2015 - Intellectual Property Switzerland 01.01.2015
Laurent Muhlstein of Junod, Muhlstein, Lévy & Puder continues to grow his practice and is increasingly visible on the market. He is widely endorsed by commentators, who describe him as "a true patent litigator."
World Trademark Review 2015 - Firms: enforcement and litigation 01.01.2015
Having chalked up over a century’s worth of practice, this Genevan boutique enjoys particularly high standing in the luxury goods industry. Whether foreign or domestic, clients rush to praise its dedication to providing astute, cost-effective guidance. Elder statesman Michel Muhlstein is a venerable figure on the market. Taking the reins of the family business is Laurent Muhlstein, “a real shooting star” with “a good vision of the market and very precise legal knowledge".
Chambers and Partners 2014 - Intellectual Property Switzerland 01.01.2014
Laurent Muhlstein of Junod, Muhlstein, Lévy & Puder enters the rankings thanks to receiving a plethora of positive feedback from clients and peers. He is considered to be developing a reputation as one of the serious players in the Swiss IP market.
World Trademark Review 2014 - Firms: enforcement and litigation 01.01.2014
Based in Geneva, Junod Muhlstein Lévy & Puder is an artisanal IP boutique offering a bespoke service to prestigious rights holders. It is a stalwart of the French market, dating back to 1873, and its sterling reputation has earned it the enduring loyalty of its clientele. “It is the number to call for mandates in French-speaking Switzerland. It can be recommended without hesitation.” The esteemed Michel Muhlstein provides the “precise and meticulous analysis required by the trickiest briefs”. Rising star Laurent Muhlstein is “becoming a big name in the IP world”.

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