SKUANI is a consultancy marketplace. SKUANI allows clients to efficiently get in touch with suitable consulting experts. Inform us about your consultation inquiry online or establish a specific consulting project.

Board of Directors

  • Dominique Gottret
    (Chairman) RA lic. iur., LL.M.

  • Peter Athanas
    (Vice Chairman) Prof. Dr. oec.

  • Christoph Küng
    Betr. oec FH, lic. iur., certified tax expert

  • Thomas Fischer
    RA, Prof., lic. oec. et lic. iur. HSG, lic. phil. I

  • Fabien Aepli
    Avocat, lic. iur., M.B.L.-HSG, LL.M.


  • Thomas Fischer
    Project Manager
    - Law
    - Management Consulting
    - Asset Management

  • Roger Rohner
    Project Manager
    - Tax

  • Gerard Neiditsch
    Project Manager
    - Legal Technology

  • Raphael Ledergerber
    Project Manager
    - Management Consulting

  • Stefania Lagna
    Project Manager
    - Law

  • Philip Waser
    Project Manager
    - Insurance

  • Susanne Mosbacher
    Project Manager
    - Human Resource


  • Christoph Küng

  • Christian Hiller


Skuani: Meaning of the name

Skua - Both the eponymous British sounding rocket and the seabird (Stercorariidae) view us from high above from a bird’s eye perspective. This feature serves as a metaphor for the name SKUANI - the online platform that enables the selection of experts according to objective criteria and tailored to clients’ needs, from a bird’s eye view.

What we do


Consultancy marketplace

We are a consultancy marketplace. All types of consultancy services can be registered and advertised on SKUANI. You will be part of our international directory of experts. Here you can map your expertise in detail to connect with other experts and perfect your market presence as a team or as an entire firm.


We are an efficient allocation platform. Clients find experts fast and easily with our special search matrix. On SKUANI you will be found by clients all over the world and in a variety of languages. Clients can contact you directly or leave you a message with their contact information for you to contact them.


We are an open publications platform. Experts can upload and create articles, blogs, or other publications for distribution. By uploading and distributing articles, blogs, and other publications you are highlighting your expertise. With our intelligent search engine optimization, in the background, we create links to your articles, your profile and your expertise. This service optimizes your worldwide visibility on the internet and on social media, independent of language.

Professional Consulting Products

Place your professional consulting product and get access to clients with concrete consulting offers. Show them the advantages of your product in an interview.

Online consultation

Become involved as an expert in the answering of specialized customer requests.

Consulting projects

Become involved as an expert for specialized consulting projects.


Find Experts

On our platform you will receive free access to our directory of experts. Our search matrix is tailored to your needs. By using different search masks, you may search as a private person or as a company for experts who fit your needs in a variety of languages. Next to the experts’ profiles you will find their published articles on a variety of subjects. On SKUANI you will also find professional consulting products from various areas and in the suitable language.

Online consultation

Ask your question and receive an answer from a competent expert.

Consulting projects

Start a consulting project. We coordinate your consultation and recommend suitable experts.

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