1. What is SKUANI?

    SKUANI is operated by SKUANI AG and is an online platform that sets users with inquiries in touch with expert consultants for advisory services.
    Companies, SMEs, and individuals ("Clients") enter their consultancy requirements on the inquiry page and thus obtain access to the offers page.

    On the offer page Experts confirm their consulting services and thus gain access to the inquiry page.

  2. Who is behind SKUANI?

    SKUANI consists of a young interdisciplinary entrepreneurial team.

  3. Who uses SKUANI?

    Inquiry page
    This page is designed for the inquiries dedicated to private individuals, SMEs and legal, tax and compliance departments of larger companies.

    Offers page
    The offers page is designed to offer services by self-employed or employed specialists. Only individual natural persons can open a user profile.

  4. Where will SKUANI be offered?

    Services offered on SKUANI cover all the typical consultancy needs. SKUANI offers this platform in multiple languages.

  5. What services does SKUANI provide?

    Finding Experts
    Clients enter their consulting needs and experts list their services on the platform.By capturing demand requirements and / or consulting services, a targeted allocation of customers and experts with suggestions for mutual contact is made.

    Experts can link up into interdisciplinary teams and present themselves together as an interdisciplinary team at SKUANI; offering consulting services.

    On an anonymous basis, experts receive information on the services offered and demanded.

    Experts can create links to their specialist articles and blogs directly on SKUANI. Clients will find these specialist articles and blogs following the same logic they would use to search for appropriate Experts for their consulting needs. Specialist articles and blogs can be read by, forwarded to and commented on by other Experts and Clients.

    SKUANI provides customers with a detailed glossary of valuable information about the consulting services covered by SKUANI and links the expert profiles, publications, blogs and products with the glossary.

    Professional Consulting Products
    Experts can offer professional consulting products at SKUANI. If the customer is interestedin a consulting product, the mandate between experts and customers is bilateral.

    Online Consulting
    Customers can contact SKUANI online or by telephone to arrange suitable experts.

  6. How are Experts and Clients combined?

    Client enter their consultancy requirements on the inquiry page. Experts offer consultancy services in their specialist fields on the offer page. Both, clients and experts, can save their details in their personal profile on the user Profile. When clients' needs correspond with experts' offers, SKUANI shows the clients the matching experts. Experts choose their preferred method for clients to contact them within their profile settings. The next steps concerning the conclusion of the mandate, the fact analysis, consultation, as well as the payment for the consultation take place outside of SKUANI's platform.

  7. How do Clients know which services are right for their specific needs?

    The consultancy services are described so clearly on SKUANI that Clients with little special knowledge can easily choose from the services they need. In order for the users to receive the quickest and most exact services for their individual needs there are multiple search options to be found on SKUANI.
    The entry page for SMEs and companies displays the most common business realms of consulting needs. By choosing one of the realms, the SMEs and companies are instantly directed to the appropriate service which they require.
    For natural private persons, there is a chart showing the lifecycle of relevant life stages which are typical of one’s consultancy needs. By selecting a specific life stages the natural private person is directed to the appropriate consulting service for their current needs.

  8. May I as a Client or Expert create categories that are not yet covered on the platform?

    Yes, registered Experts can at any time create advisory needs and consultancy services that are not yet present on the platform. The services will be provided by SKUANI and promptly checked for accuracy and then allocated to the customers and Experts who activated them. Clients can inform SKUANI in case they are searching for consulting services that are not yet covered on SKUANI. We will incorporate the Clients’ needs in our platform, inform Experts about these needs and make the effort to recommend suitable Experts to these Clients.

  9. Must customers disclose the facts of the case for which the legal, tax or fiduciary services relate to?

    No, the facts are not disclosed in principle. Customers solely choose the legal, taxation, fiduciary, and accounting services needed for the solution of their requirements or in which they are interested. Exceptionally, customers can also access SKUANI online, by posting the facts, or by telephone, to receive suggestions from SKUANI experts.

  10. How can Experts offer their consulting services?
    Experts register themselves and their consulting services on SKUANI (e.g. their areas of specialization).
    Since it is not realistic for Experts to be specialized in every consulting area, there is a limit of 8% on the total space on SKUANI for which experts can define their services.
  11. How can experts offer their combined services?

    Experts can open a team profile and invite other Experts to join their team. Customers who are looking for multiple services will find that the interdisciplinary team appears in their search result.

  12. What does SKUANI not offer?
    Client and Expert contact is done by telephone or e-mail. Upon taking this step, any further communication between Client and Expert will take place outside of SKUANI. SKUANI does not guarantee that a Client will contact an Expert, nor does SKUANI guarantee a mandate between Client and Expert.
  13. Will my data be treated confidentially?
    Your data will be used exclusively for the foreseen services in accordance with point 5. SKUANI assumes the responsibility to assure that your data is protected in the best way possible. Raising employee awareness and providing regular training as well as an appropriate internal organization are measures taken in order to achieve data protection.
  14. What information is visible to visitors on SKUANI?

    The Experts’ registered profiles are in principle visible to other Experts as well as to Clients. The information is the same as would be visible to the public who visits the Expert’s own corporate website.

  15. What does SKUANI do with fake profiles?

    Our services meet the highest quality standards. We check the entries of the Expert summarily. Misleading, incomplete or incorrect profiles and settings are sent a warning of correction or deletion. Experts and customers with misleading or incorrect profiles who do not respond to our warnings will be excluded from SKUANI. A refund of the subscription fee is excluded. Experts as well as customers can inform SKUANI about suspicious profiles at any time.

  16. How can I, as an Expert, cancel my subscription?

    The termination of the subscription is possible at any time. An already paid payment will not be pro rata temporis refunded.

The FAQs were last updated on 31 March 2017.