SKUANI AG takes every step to ensure the safety of the entrusted information on its platform.

Data security

The SKUANI platform is a proprietary development of SKUANI AG and uses a long-proven open source development-framework. Sensitive data (e.g. passwords) is stored with encryption.

All data stored with SKUANI is used for the sole purpose for services of the SKUANI platform. Other systems and parties will never receive direct access to the SKUANI platform nor its stored data.

Please note that most of your stored data on the SKUANI platform (e.g. your profile) can be accessed as regular websites (e.g. your profile page). Private data (e.g. your username) is not visible to third parties.

All data is secured daily.

Communication and security

All communication to and from the SKUANI platform takes place through encrypted channels. Unencrypted communication on the SKUANI platform is not possible.


The SKUANI platform is operated by a dedicated infrastructure in two separate computer centers in Switzerland.

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